Custom Clearance

  • Netherlands
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Viet Nam
  • Chile

Customs agent. We offer our clients expertise and market-leading technology, all designed to reduce the risk associated with their imports and exports.

As the number one company focused on customs agent, we can help you improve your compliance with customs. The correct preparation and completion of the customs clearance procedures are critical, as heavy penalties may be applied if the correct procedures are not fulfilled.

Our customs clearance services are professional, reliable and competitively priced, we always ensure the correct customs clearance documentation is completed and the correct importing and exporting procedures are followed to minimise customs clearance delays.

We can share your workload and give you the peace of mind on customs clearance issues. We offer professional customs clearance services for import or export consignments, including:

  • Commercial and non-commercial commodities
  • Temporary import for re-export
  • Processing
  • Tax refund
  • Food, cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.
  • Warehouse and cargo handling, etc.
  • Bonded warehouse lease, CFS, etc.

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