Rv Transport via Ro Ro Rotterdam

Ro-Ro caravans and Rv shipping

Using the Roll on-Roll off (Ro-Ro) method, your car is transported overseas on a ship which was especially designed to carry vehicles. This shipping method is often used by manufacturers and importers for large batches of newly produced cars, but it is also possible to ship single or a few vehicles for both private and business customers

Ro-Ro shipments are available on many routes worldwide, but it is unfortunately not possible for all ports to accomodate the Ro-Ro vessels. That’s why we use Ro-Ro primarily for export shipments from The Netherlands to various countries across the world. Please feel free to contact to discuss the options for your specific destination. 

Ro Ro Roterdam Overseas

Shipping your car Ro-Ro involves a number of limitations and conditions:

  • only available for specific ports worldwide
  • you cannot ship any goods inside the vehicle
  • cars must be completely clean
  • cars need to be in good technical and driving condition

If Ro-Ro is not an option for you due to port limitations or the condition of your car, SCL Rotterdam also offers container shipper in many cases cheaper and more possibilities.