G Cargo, Based in Rotterdam the best way to transport your special vehicles.

Roterdam Ro Ro Transport

If you need a company specialized in export packaging and securing of special equipment. Caravans, Cars, Boats, Motorhomes, Etc. Located in a central location in the port of Rotterdam, surrounded by terminals and warehouses. At this ISPS location (secured 24/7) you have a warehouse equipped with heavy aisle cranes and a spacious outdoor area.

Presented as a project loading station and therefore it is between the regular container loading stations and the traditional stevedores. The possibility of receiving large heavy loads of up to 35 tons in the workshop and packing them in seaworthy or airworthy conditions is offered.

Our clients are small to large (project) freight forwarders with a global network, as well as production and engineering companies. They provide seaworthy packaging for pump installations, control systems, metering equipment, specialty pipes, and spare parts for oil and gas transportation and extraction.

Our activities – Manufacture and supply of boxes, cages, saddles and special skates – Professional export packaging (also throughout the Benelux) – Protection and preservation (vacuum packaging) of high quality loads – Packaging of objects in shrink film of 300 mu – Physical control of shipments (verification of line items) – Loading, mooring and securing and blocking of special equipment (Experts in special equipment).

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